Frimley French Polishing Antique Restoration

Frimley French Polishing French Polishing

We are professional Frimley French Polishing French polishers based in Surrey. There are various finishes available to you and we will talk you through what may be best suited for your furniture if you are unsure.

Frimley French Polishing French polishing has been around since the early 1800’s and here at Archer’s antique restoration we still use those same techniques and application from all those generations ago. The application is considered to be quite an art and therefore we always use a fully qualified French polisher in Frimley French Polishing who has had years’ experience (and frustrations) learning this unique skill.

We use either a wax or shellac base and undertake fine sanding between layers of varnish resulting in a beautiful finish to be admired and durable to last for many years. The shellac is applied using a folded ‘fad’ soaked with polish and once dried is lightly sanded. By using various techniques, spirits and oils the French Polishers then produces a beautiful glass like finish on which further waxing techniques can be applied. It is an amazing piece of art watching your once dull looking piece of furniture come to life and sheen.

We can also offer a modern finish of French polishing using lacquers, varnishes and cellulose these finishes are more suitable to furniture of a later period and result in a very durable and tough finish. Please contact to talk through the finishing required and for any queries with a fully qualified French polisher in Frimley French Polishing and antique restorer