Antique Restoration

Furniture Restoration

Here at Archer’s we can repair and restore all pieces of furniture using gentle methods and sympathetic materials. We are privileged to hold a huge store of wood from old timbers and veneers, including English Oak, Elms and Fruitwood passed from restorer to restorer, used to keep your antique as close to the original as possible.

The word restoration can cover a huge manner of services from a basic clean, strip paint to a full restoration where a piece of furniture was close to the brink of scrap. We strive to work with you to recycle your piece and instead recover the furniture so that it can serve its duty once again. A lot of people have come to us with furniture unable to function at its full capacity, such as a drawer no longer opening, a door that is stuck or a table with legs that are not stable, we can provide a functional restoration to correct this.

Not only can we provide a full restoration service we can also provide a more tailored simple tidy up where a piece of well-loved furniture may have endured scratches, dents and some wear and tear over the years. By reviving the furniture using our different methods from re-upholstery to French polishing the furniture can go on for decades to come.

The word restoration sometimes comes with concerned customers thinking it will endure heavy costs, however here at Archers we pride to provide an affordable service and will isolate the work that is required to reach the end result you desire.

We believe that well-executed and beautifully refinished furniture can preserve and enhance, giving the chance to radiate glory and joy for many more years to come. Please give us a ring for restorations in Surrey to chat through your requirements further on 01483 209395 or 07788788201.